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Add-on Price: $49/MONTH

What is the 'eBay' Add-on?

Streamline eBay listing, customer and order management. Run your entire eBay business directly from within Neto.

  • eBay listing manager
  • eBay order manager
  • eBay payments manager
  • eBay listing designer
  • Listing scheduler
  • Centralised inventory

Why Sell Through eBay?

  • The eBay channel allows you to access 8 million unique visitors each month which makes the channel a great marketing platform.

  • 7 our of 10 of all online buyers in Australia shop on

  • Shopping is shifting to mobile purchasing and eBay allows you to get your products listed on the #1 ecommerce app in Australia through a free responsive design template with Neto.

  • eBay is now focussed on becoming a merchant facility for B2C sales and C2C sales have been shifted to Gumtree.

  • Some of the biggest retailers in Australia run eBay stores to complement their own websites. Target, Masters, Officeworks, Kmart, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman.

  • Purchasers off eBay can now pick up their items from Big W and Woolworths stores through their click and collect program.

  • List your products to an international audience by directly listing to eBay US, UK and any other eBay international sites.

Key Benefits of Neto for Existing eBay merchants

  • Some of eBay’s biggest merchants use Neto. 

  • Our specialist channels team can help you with your migration and initial setup to ensure that you are able to switch to Neto from existing platform without affecting your existing sales and active listings.

  • Our platform allows you to manage multiple eBay accounts and list products directly to them through the same SKU.

  • We can automatically post tracking numbers from Neto to eBay orders after they are generated.

  • We can automate freight type listings with shipping costs without the need to manually send quotes.

  • Out of stock functionality can be set up to ensure your listings do not get ended when out of stock and automatically restocked when they reach a certain level.

  • You can use unique design and invoice templates for your different ebay accounts.

  • We offer a dedicated account management service (at additional cost).

  • We are able to unlock seller limits.

This addon was built by Neto

Add-ons and Integrations built in-house by Neto are documented and supported by our customer service team. If you're having issues with this integration, let us know!

Setup Instructions

In the control panel, click Addons the and select Neto Modules under ‘Categories’. Find eBay and move your cursor over the image. Then click on Install. The eBay module is an additional cost.

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