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Download Image from URL

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What is the 'Download Image from URL' Add-on?

Allow downloading image from URL for products.

This addon was built by Neto

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Setup Instructions

Once activated, a Download Image from URL button will appear in the Images section of each product in the control panel:


When you click on the Download Image from URL button, the field will appear on the right.

Enter the full web address of an image on another server. Click on the arrow to the right of the field and check Force Check. Then Save the changes. A process runs once an hour (however this can be changed). It downloads the image to a folder on your site. A second process runs every 15 minutes (the schedule can be changed) which creates the three sizes of the image that is displayed on your website.

Force Check will download and process the image from the entered web address next time the processes are run.

You can also set to check download the image from the web address on a regular basis by entering the number of days in Image Download Check Interval. Set to zero if you don't need periodic checking.

Force Check


Tips for downloading images

  • Make sure the image web address is valid.
  • Make sure that the image can be accessed. Some web servers block other sites accessing the images.
  • The image can be in JPEG, PNG or GIF formats. It is recommended that you use JPEG as this format has smaller file sizes.
  • Make sure there is no question mark in the image web address.

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