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Order Quantity Limits

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What is the 'Order Quantity Limits' Add-on?

Set a minimum and maximum quantity per product that can be ordered by a customer. Also allows you to enforce ordering in multiples.

This addon was built by Neto

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Setup Instructions

Once activated, order limits fields will be added to the Pricing & Tax section of each product in the control panel:

Pricing & Tax

You can set the minimum and maximum number of this product that the customer can purchase in a single order.

You can also sell the product in bundles by entering a figure under Multi. Customers will only be able to order in multiples of that number.

If you want customers to only order in bundles over a certain initial quantity, enter that amount into the Start Multi field. They will still be able to buy any number of the product under the Start Multi figure. However, when ordering over that amount the quantity order will need to be in multiples of the figure in the Multi field.

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