Analytics & reporting

Track your success in real time

Measure your KPIs with your own dashboard

Track orders, revenue and key performance indicators with your own real-time dashboard. Install custom widgets and organise your dashboard to suit your specific needs.

Run over 40 inbuilt reports

Run order, payment, customer, inventory and other reports in real-time. Export all reports to excel for further scrutiny. Need more in-depth reporting? We offer custom report writing services too.

Turn on Google eCommmerce analytics

Track your website traffic, transactions and conversion rates in real-time with the world's leading analytics platform.

Track staff performance

Log all staff actions for security and performance reporting purposes. Run sales commission, warehouse picking, and account management reports.

Optimise your inventory

Real-time inventory management reports with reorder alerts based on historical order data, future projections, and supplier lead times.

Improve conversions with A/B split testing

Install Optimizely's code-free visual editor for A/B split testing.


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