Invoice Page

Invoice Page

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When an order has been placed, the customer will be presented with this confirmation page. This page presents valuable information for the customer such as their Order ID, Payment Instructions, an Order Summary and a link to print their receipt.

Your Order ID

This provides the customer their unique Order ID, used for tracking their order. Every order placed will have it's own unique Order ID. All items that were purchased on this transaction will come under this ID.

Order Tracking

This section notifies the user that they will recieve automated emails of the progression of their order and they can track their order by also going to their account section and tracking the order online.

Help Spread the Word

Social sharing functions allowing the user to quickly share on social media their thoughts on shopping on the site.

Payment Instructions

This will tell the user how to pay for their order. This is dependent on the payment method that was chosen.

For example, if Direct Deposit was selected, the user will be given the Account Details (name, BSB and Account Number of the organisation) and a set of instructions on how to confirm payment with the company.

You can also find the special delivery instructions here that the customer has requested.

Order Summary


This table is essentially a list of the products that the customer has ordered.

Qty x SKU: This column details the quantity of each product ordered and it's unique identifier.

Product: The name of each product.

Price: The price of each product, at the quantity of 1.

Subtotal: The total amount for each product after multiplying the individual price by the quantity.

This table also details the delivery method that was chosen and the cost of this method.

Totals Table

This table provides a great overview of the

Order Subtotal: This provides the Subtotal of all products not including GST and Total Shipping.

Total Shipping: This is the amount of total shipping for the entire order.

GSTInc.: The amount of GST included in the entire order.

Order Total: The total amount of the order (the sum of the Order Subtotal + Total Shipping + GSTInc.)

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