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This page shows the details of individual quotes sent to the customer and are presented much differently than the invoice page documentation. This page allows the customer to see items such as the contents of the products, payment options and the functions to Approve and/or Print Quote.


The title is a quick way to find the Quote ID and usually contains something similar to "Quote #N11016"

Print Quote Button

This function allows the user to print and/or save a Print-Friendly version of this page.

Approve Quote Button

When the customer is satisfied with the quote that has been provided to them and wish to proceed, clicking the approve quote button takes the user to the Approve Quotes screen.

Quote Number

The unique ID of the quote.

Date Quoted

The date the quote was created and sent to the customer. Near the bottom of this page, also has a default line for the customer of "Quote valid for 7 days from date quoted at the top of this page."

Shipping Details

The contact details of the person/location the products will be shipped to.

Sold To

The contact details of the person who the quote will be billed to.

Product List

The list of products contained within the quote. This is split up by showing the quanity, SKU (or "Code" as it is labelled), Name, Unit Price, Tax and Subtotal of each item.

Shipping Costs and Sub Totals

This section is split up into two parts: information about the shipping details and information about the totals of the product, shipping, GST and Grand Total.

Payment Options and Instructions

This section gives the user a list of payment options they can they can make with the order. If the business offers methods such as Direct Bank Deposit and Money Order, instructions on how to do so will be given to the customer.

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