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Shopping Cart

Page Overview

The shopping cart page provides an overview of all items that are currently in your shopping cart, in addition to being able to edit the items and see a summary of costs.

"Create Quote From Cart" Button

This button allows the user to create a quote, rather than actually paying for the goods. The quote goes through to the cpanel and can be reviewed by yourselves before deciding whether to complete the order.

"Checkout Now" Button

This large call-to-action button takes the user to the checkout page so that they may complete their order.

Cart Contents Table

All products that are currently in the user's cart are displayed here, with the following included:

Item description

The product's image, title, and any extra options (e.g. extended warranty) that the customer might have chosen on the product page.

Quantity field

The current quantity that the customer is buying for the item. This can be edited and updated using the "update my changes" button.


The unique price for that particular product.

"Continue Shopping" Button

This button takes you back to the last category that you viewed before going to the cart page.

"Update My Changes" Button

As above, this button completes any quantity updates you might have made for the products in your cart.

Shipping Calculator

This feature provides a means to calculate shipping costs before deciding whether to purchase. The shipping costs in question are pulled from your shipping matrix setup in your cpanel. Using the calculator shows the following results, depending on how your matrix is set up:

  • Shipping method name (e.g. "Standard Shipping").
  • Shipping method subtext (e.g. "Road delivery Australi wide").
  • Shipping price.
  • An ETA for the delivery.

The results appear on the right hand side of the page, so that they're logically grouped with the pricing.

Discount Code

If the customer has a discount code or coupon, they can enter it here to receive the discount before checking out.

Cost Breakdown

This section provides a breakdown of all costs, including sub-total, shipping, GST, and a total price for the cart contents.

"Checkout With Paypal" Button

If the customer would prefer to use Paypal, they can start the checkout process straight away by clicking on this button. They'll be redirected to Paypal to start the process.

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