Blog Page

Blog Page

Page Overview

This page is dedicated to a unique blog, with the ability to add text, images, and other elements such as videos as part of the content.

Blog Title

The blog title offers a means to succinctly explain what the content is about, and doubles as the page header so that it's clear which page the user is viewing.


The author comes in handy for users who might want to find other blogs written by that person.

Date Posted

This gives an indication of how up-to-date the content is.

Blog Content

The blog content itself can include a number of types of element, with the main being text and images. Plenty more can be added directly from the cpanel as part of our WYSIWYG editor.

Share Plugin

The share plugin is great for free social marketing, particularly for this type of content, which people may think their friends are interested in.

Comment Section

Comments can be left on the blog by the reader, each of which must be approved by the site owner before being shown on the page (to prevent spam).

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