Approve Quote

Approve Quote

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Customers can approve or dismiss all quotes that they have in the system from this page.

Approve Quotes Table

This table lists all open quotes in the system for the customer, and includes useful information such as the quote ID (which can be clicked on to take you to the full invoice for the quote), the date the quote was created, the email address of the customer, and "approve quote" and "dismiss quote" buttons.

The "approve quote" button takes you through to a page that displays the full invoice (below), and allows you to confirm the quote by clicking on the "confirm & approve quote" button. Clicking the "cancel" button takes you back to the previous page that shows you all open quotes. You can also choose to print the quote by clicking on the "print" button.

The "dismiss quote" takes you to the same page (below), but instead you're presented with a "dismissal reason" textbox so that you can provide more info on why you're dismissing the quote.

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