Edit Addresses

Edit Addresses

Page Overview

Customers can manage the addresses that they have saved in their account from this page.

"Add a new address or edit an existing address" Section

From here, you can choose to either edit an existing address by choosing from the dropdown menu, or add a new address by choosing "add new entry" from the dropdown menu.

"Address Details" Section

If you chose to edit an existing address in above dropdown, the address will pre-load here so that you may edit it. Having chose "add new entry" will result in empty fields, so that you can add a brand new address.

"Address Title" is the name for the address, for example "Work Address". The remaining fields are all related to the user's personal information (their name, company, etc.), and the address that they want to use for the entry.

"Delete Address" Button

This will delete the current address being viewed.

"Save Address" Button

This will save the current details that have been entered in the fields above.

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