Forgot Password

Forgot Password

Page Overview

This page provides a registered customer the ability to have a new password sent to their E-Mail Address. This is ideal for customers who have forgotten their password. For users who have forgotten their username, please see the Forgot Username Page documentation. This page is accessible from the My Account Page when a user is not logged in.

E-Mail Address Field

Users will enter in the E-Mail Address the account is registered to in this field.

Send Me a New Password Button

This button will send the new password instructions to the entered E-Mail Address. A randomly generated password will be created for the user and the user will be prompted to change their password the next time they log in.

If the user provides an E-Mail address that is not in the system or inactive the user will get an error message of: "Your account was not found in our Database or is not active."

Confirmation Page

There will be a confirmation page when the password has successfully been sent to the registered email address. A link is also presented to the user that conveniently sends them to the log in page.

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