Forgot Username

Forgot Username

Page Overview

This page provides a registered customer the ability to have their username sent to their E-Mail Address. This page is not usually used by default, as when a user registers and signs in through the front end, their email and password are the log in credentials that are needed. To use the "Forget Username" feature, you will need to put in your email, making the process redundant.

E-Mail Address Field

Users will enter in the E-Mail Address the account is registered to in this field.

Send Me My Username Button

This button will send your username to the your E-Mail Address.

If the user provides an E-Mail address that is not in the system or inactive the user will get an error message of: "Your account was not found in our Database or is not active."

Confirmation Screen

When the email address has been entered in correctly, a confirmation page will tell the user that their username has been sent to their email address. A "continue to login" link is provided for ease of access.

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