My Account Page

My Account Page

Page Summary

The account section allows a customer to manage all of their personal and order information.

Welcome Message & Logout Link

The welcome text provides assurance to the customer that they're logged into the correct account, in addition to providing a way to log out of the account.

Available Credit

Customer credit is accrued by either receiving order refunds, or having credit manually assigned in the cpanel. Credit can be used for new orders on the checkout page.

"Edit My Contact Details" Button

This button takes you to a page where you can edit your personal contact details, including billing, contact, company, and dropshipping information.

"Edit My Address Book" Button

This takes you to a page where you can edit any addresses that you have saved in the system; you can add new addresses....

"Change My Password" Button

You can change your login password by clicking on this button.

"Pay Invoices Online" Button

This button directs you to a page where you can pay for invoices using either account credit, or a major debit/credit card.

"My Orders" Button

This button jumps the page down to the "My Orders" section on the same page.

"My Quotes" Button

This button jumps the page down to the "My Quotes" section on the same page.

"My Wishlist" Button

From here you're directed to your wishlist page, where you can manage any wishlists that you have set up.

"Resolution Centre" Button

This takes you to the resolution centre, where the customer can manage any disputes that they might have open (such as "item not received"), or create new disputes.

"Reorder Items" Button

This button takes you to a page where you're presented with a full list of items that you've ordered in the past, allowing you to easily add them to cart.

My Orders

An overview of your last 10 orders are presented in this section, showing the following useful information about each order. The coloured label in the top right shows the order status, for example "new", "on hold", or "dispatched". "Date due" is when the invoice for the order is due to be paid.

The three buttons at the bottom of each order provide options to track, pay, or print the order information.

My Quotes

An overview of open quotes is presented here. If the quote has been generated from the cpanel, "Sales Person" is the name of the user who created it. The quote can be approved by clicking on the "Approve Quote" button, which turns the quote into an order in the system, and can then be paid immediately after.

My Wishlists

In this section, all of your current wishlists are displayed, with their name and creation date shown in the table. You can delete these, or choose to edit them if you need to. You can also create a new wishlist using the "wishlist name" field and "add new wishlist" button.

Template location

This template is located here: httpdocs/assets/themes/THEMENAME/templates/customer/template.html.

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