Track Order

Track Order

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This page allows you to see an overview of an order's status, including the ability to track each unique item.


This shows the current status of the order, for example "new", "dispatched", or "on hold".

Order Number

The order number is the unique reference number that identifies that particular order.

Date Placed & Invoiced

These dates show you when the order was first placed, and the date that it was invoiced.

Ship To Address

This is the address that the order is being delivered to.

Order Items Table

All products that are part of this order are displayed in this table, with useful information such as the product image, quantity ordered, and description. The "shipping details" column shows unique tracking numbers, in addition to a "track online" link. Each link is unique to the courier that is being used to deliver the item, and must be manually added in the "shipping services & rates" area in your cpanel. Clicking on the link will take you to the courier's website, and if set up correctly, show you tracking information.

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