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Before proceeding to the checkout page, a user can customize their gift vouchers to send. The gift vouchers are sent electronically, so it is vital for the customer/sender, to have the correct email address of the sender. This page is accessible before the checkout page and will only appear if the user has a gift voucher in their cart.


Denotes the gift voucher to be sent. The details of this gift voucher will be editable underneath. The amount of the gift voucher will also be shown here.

Sender Name

The name of the sender of the gift voucher. This can be personalized to send names such as “Mum” or “Dad”.

Recipient Name

The name of the recipient of the voucher. Similar to the sender name, this does not need to be a formal name, and can be something fun and personalized for the customer.

Recipient Email

The E-Mail of the Recipient. This is where the voucher will be sent, so it is vital that there are no errors in the address.

Send Voucher on this Date and Time

If the customer wishes to send the voucher at a particular time, they can utilise this option. If this section is left blank, the gift voucher will send immediately. 3 fields are available to the user. The first is a calendar function to select a date. The second and third field allow the user to select the hour and AM/PM respectively. Users can not select at a specific minute.

Gift Voucher Message

The ability to send a personalized message along with the voucher. This is useful if the customer is sending this for an event, such as for Christmas. A great example of this includes “Merry Christmas!” or “Happy Birthday!”

Continue to Checkout Button

This button confirms the information above and proceeds to checkout for payment.

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