Wholesale Register

Wholesale Register

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The wholesale registration page offers a means for wholesale customers to register an account, and includes all of the necessary information for this type of account such as the company name and ABN. Once registered, an account must be approved in the cpanel in order to be used. Wholesale customers automatically go into a unique price group, so that they can be offered reduced product pricing.

You can access the wholesale registration page by going to www.myshop.com.au/_myacct/wholesaleregister where www.myshop.com.au is the domain name for your webstore.

See our support article on adding the wholesale form to your webstore.

Your Future Login Details

This is where the user enters the standard login information to be used later on - username or email address, and a password.

Company Information

The customer's company information is completed here, which the business owner can use to verify the account before approving.

Contact Information

Company contact information is entered here, so that they may be contacted by the business owner if necessary.

Other Details

This area is solely for additional fields that may be required in order to register the wholesale account. These fields are set up in the cpanel, and can take the following data types:

  • Text
  • Date
  • Integer (whole) number
  • Decimal number
  • Boolean (true/false)
  • Selection box

You can also set each field up as "required" if appropriate.

Terms & Conditions Of Trade

If there are terms that you want to make clear to wholesale customers, this section provides the space to do so. The text is pulled from a content zone called "wholesale_terms", which can be edited in the cpanel.

"Subscribe To Newsletter" Checkbox

The customer can instantly subscribe to your mailing list by ticking this checkbox.

"Agree To Terms" Checkbox

The user must tick this box in order to register their wholesale account.

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