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Write Review

Product Review Page

Page Overview

Products can be reviewed by clicking on the "reviews" tab on the product page, and then the "write a product review" button (below). The user must be logged in to leave a review, but this can be changed in the cpanel if required.

Page Description

The description helps to convince the customer that they're helping to improve the website's products and services.

"Title For Review" Field

Each review must include a title, which shows as part of the review once approved.


Reviews can be plain text only, and will show in the "reviews" tab on the product page once approved.

Star Rating

Each review has a unique 5-scale star rating, which provides the user with a snapshot of how well people rate the item on average.

Preview Button

The preview button takes you to the below page, to show you how the review will look once posted on the website. From here, you can either post the review, or edit the review if desired.

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