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API - AddCategory

The AddCategory POST has now been replaced with the AddContent POST. This POST will eventually be removed from the API. Please use AddContent to add categories.


Endpoint URL
Method POST
NETOAPI_KEY Your Neto API Secure Key (generate this in your Neto control panel)
Description Use this call to add a new product category.
XSD Schema AddCategory XSD   |   AddCategory Response XSD

AddCategory Post

AddCategory Elements

Element Name Required Type Notes Version
CategoryName Required String (100) CategoryName is a text string naming the category 5.00
CategoryReference Required String (50) Internal Reference 5.00
ShortDescription1 Required String (255) Primary Short Description 5.00
ShortDescription2 Required String (255) Secondary Short Description 5.00
ShortDescription3 Required String (255) Tertiary Short Description 5.00
Description1 Required String (5000) Primary Content of the Category 5.00
Description2 Required String (5000) Secondary Content of the Category 5.00
Description3 Required String (5000) Tertiary Content of the Category 5.00
ParentCategoryID Optional Integer ParentCategoryID is the parent category id 5.00
SortOrder Optional Integer SortOrder 5.00
Active Optional Boolean (True, False) Active is a boolean defining whether it is active or not 5.00
OnSiteMap Optional Boolean (True, False) OnSiteMap 5.00
OnMenu Optional Boolean (True, False) OnMenu 5.00
AllowReviews Optional Boolean (True, False) Allow Reviews 5.00
RequireLogin Optional Boolean (True, False) Require Login 5.00
DatePosted Optional DateTime Date Posted 5.00


Sample AddCategory Response (Success)

Category Added

Sample AddCategory Response (Error)

Required field missing, category not added

AddCategory Response Elements

Element Name Type Description Example
<CategoryID> integer The unique ID for the category. System generated. 34
<CurrentTime> datetime The time the request was made. 2014-04-20 06:02:30
<Ack> string The acknowledgement message. Success, Error or Warning
<Messages> Contains the child elements below.
<Message> string The error message returned. Request Error
<SeverityCode> string The severity code. Error
<Description> string The description of the error. Internal server error.

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