How to reconcile transactions between Neto and your 3rd party app

You can reconcile transactions  between Neto and the 3rd party apps it integrates with using the inbuilt reconciliation tool as well as the export logs.


In-built reconciliation report


The reconciliation report compares data that already exists in your 3rd party app, with the data that exists in Neto. Where there is a discrepancy, Neto will flag the discrepancy on the reconciliation report.


You can access the reconciliation report by going to:

admin > reconciliation report


You can use the report to reconcile:

  • invoices

  • payments


How to use the reconciliation report


  1. Access the report by going to:
    admin > reconciliation report

  2. Click on the “import” button to import the latest data from your 3rd party app (this is used to run the reconciliation). Depending on your data set, this may take several minutes to complete.

  3. Review the results


If you have several 3rd party apps connected to Neto, you can filter this report by app. By default the report will show you all transactions that did not have a matching transaction in the 3rd party app. You can however change the filter to show you all transactions.


You can re-export a transaction that has no match by clicking on the “re-export” button on the right hand side of each record.


Issues with transactions will be highlighted in red on the report.


Export Logs


The system logs all data that is exported to and imported from your 3rd party apps. You can access these logs by going to:

admin > integration export log
admin > integration import log


When exporting data to a 3rd party app, the system will also store the response from the 3rd party app in the export log. If a transaction fails, for example the 3rd party app rejects the order you are trying to export, you will see this failure in the export log.


You can then attend to the reason for failure and re-export the related transaction. The system will also automatically try to re-export failed transactions for you at scheduled times.


You can use the filter at the top of the page to filter by transaction type and status.



A red label indicates failed transactions exist. You can filter your results to only show failed transactions (transactions that could not be exported to the 3rd party app).



  • Last Modified: 28/12/2016