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Integration Setup

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Instructions to install MYOB Live

  1. From the Neto Dashboard, click Addons from the navigation menu.

  2. Under Accounting, install MYOB AccountRight Live.

  3. Once installed you will be taken to the Add New Integration Page. Name the integration, set integration start date, choose an integration workflow then Continue.

    The integration workflow will depend on your own workflow. Please ensure you read each workflow carefully and select the appropriate one.

  4. Connect to your MYOB AccountRight Live account - click connect to my.MYOB

    Click the "Connect to MYOB AccountRight Live" button below. This will take you to your MYOB AccountRight Live account where you will be asked to login and authorise access to your my.MYOB account.

  5. Follow on screen instruction to generate MYOB AccountRight Live token

  6. Follow on screen instruction to complete configuration of MYOB AccountRight Live.

  7. Select the Company File to be integrated from the dropdown list. Enter the Username and Password used to authenticate the company file when starting MYOB (this is not the same as your my.MYOB login details) then click Continue.

    If you do not currently use a password with your company file, you will need to create one as it is required for authentication.

  8. Map your default Account/Tax code settings and set Inventory Import Settings, Invoice Export Settings and Customer Export Settings. Click Continue.

    For more help on how to setup these accounts in MYOB, click here.

  9. Your MYOB AccountRight Live integration setup with Neto is now complete and data integration will commence based on the preselected configuration options. Click SAVE to FINISH.

You can view all Integration tasks and their schedules clicking MYOB Live > Tasks from the navigation menu. Data sync will run based on the schedule shown on each task on this page. Any of the tasks can be manually triggered by clicking Run Task, when needed.

For further help with this setup or troubleshooting in relation to the integration, please contact support.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017