How do I apply used credits in Saasu?

Credit can be used in Neto to pay for an order. When credit it used to pay for an order, the credit will appear in your "credits to apply in Saasu" log. 

Due to limitations with the Saasu API, these credits cannot be applied to related invoices in Saasu automatically, therefore you need to apply these manually in Saasu.

Use the "credits to apply in Saasu"  log to locate a list of credits to apply in Saasu. Once you have applied a credit, remove it from the list of credit to apply.

How to apply used credits in Saasu:
  1. Go to: Admin > Saasu Credits to Apply
  2. Here you will find a list of credits that need to be applied in Saasu
  3. Apply credits in Saasu manually  (see here for how to apply credits in Saasu:
  4. Once applied, remove the credit from your list of credits to apply by selecting it and clicking "mark selected as applied and approved"

  • Last Modified: 28/12/2016