How do I manage Saasu combo (kit) items in Neto?

A combo item (also known as a build or kit) is where one product is made up of several items and sold as a single unit. For example a value pack may contain 1 x A, 2 x B and 1 x C but is sold an as an individual SKU called ABC Value Pack.

If you sell combo items, the setup of these must be done in Neto and not in Saasu. Neto then push the individual components of a combo to Saasu when a sale is written down. 

The benefit of this is that you do not need pre-build or inventory your combos in advance in your accounting system. Instead the inventory of combo items in Neto will be based on its build components. The stock qty of a combo item is based on the lowest available stock of any component of the combo. If one build component is sold out the entire combo unit will be sold out.
How to create combo items in Neto:
  1. Go to: products > add new product
  2. Add a new product as you would any other product
  3. Click on the “options and kitting tab” on the product edit screen
  4. Scroll down to the item kitting section
  5. Add the kit components  
  6. Save
There is the option to define a price for each build component. This price is used when pushing the individual items to Saasu. The system will take the sale price of the combo item and disperse it based on the price of each of its components. 
If you do not define a price for each component, the combo items sale price will be divided equally among all components.
Important Note Re: Building Items from Themselves:

You cannot build items from themselves. SKU “ABC” cannot be built from 1 x “ABC” and 1 x “XYZ”. Instead you need to create a new item that is built from the two components.
How to import combo items to Neto:
  1. Go to: import/export > import wizard > inventory import
  2. Follow on screen instructions
You will need to import SKU and a string of combo items in the follow format:
If the qty is just 1 for each component you can just import a comma separated list of SKU’s.


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  • Last Modified: 28/12/2016