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Kitted Product does not export to Saasu

To check the export errors from the Neto dashboard, navigate to Saasu > Saasu Exports > Unsuccessful Exports.

The error message will look like Line #1: Item 0 is not found. You can click on the plus sign on the far left to see the product with n/a. This product is not found in Saasu.

If the product is kitted and you want the stock for the kit components to be updated, drill into the product in the control panel and scroll down to the Kitting section. Then check Split for Warehouse Picking and save the change.

This will fix the issue for new orders but not for the orders that have been already been received.

To change the orders so that they can be exported to Saasu, you will need to remove the product from the order and re-add it. It will then pick up the split components and display them as part of the order. The orders can then be exported to Saasu.

Here are the instructions to update the orders:

  1. Drill into the order.
  2. Click on Hold or Edit Order and click Ok to confirm.
  3. In the Qty for the kitted product, enter 0, Save Changes and confirm.
  4. Add the product again with the same quantity and price. Save Changes and confirm.
  5. Click on the Dispatch button to return it to dispatch.
  6. Navigate to Saasu > Saasu Exports > Unsuccessful Exports and click on the Export Record to Saasu button next to the order you have just changed.

Repeat for each order that uses the kitted product.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018 Neto Version: 6.4