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Troubleshooting Saasu integration errors

If a transaction cannot be exported to Saasu for any reason it will be noted on your Neto dashboard under the “To Do List” widget.

A detailed reason as to why the transaction has not been written down will also appear under Saasu > Exports.

You can expand an error line by clicking on the “+” icon on the left of the line. This will display further information about the related transaction. The error description will usually explain the error in detail and will provide hints as to how to fix the error. These descriptions/errors come directly from Saasu.

Once you have corrected the error you can try to re-export the transaction by click on the Export Record to Saasu button. Otherwise the system will automatically try to re-export the transaction the next time the related integration process runs.

Issue Resolution
Problem: Nothing importing or exporting Check that you have the Saasu cron job (Accounting Integration Scheduler) turned on under Setup & tools > All Setting & tools > Processes & Scheduled Jobs > System Scheduled Tasks. Check that you have entered your Saasu file ID and Saasu API key correctly under Addons > Accounting > SAASU > Configure.
Problem: Running quick tasks (manual) imports and exports work but tasks are not running automatically. Check that you have assigned a schedule to each of the tasks you want to run under SAASU > Process Manager. If you need help setting up your schedules, please email with a list of processes you want to run and how often. We recommend either daily or hourly.
Problem: Customers not importing Make sure your customers have valid Contact ID’s in Saasu before trying to import them into Neto.
Problem: Products not importing Make sure your products have valid item codes / SKU’s before trying to import them into Neto.
Problem: Products not exporting Make sure your products have Saasu accounts specified under the “accounting tab” on the items card. All items also need to be marked as “sold” and have an “income” account specified. If you do not have SAASU accounts specified, Saasu will reject the items.
Error: Item is marked as not inventoried and you have not defined an expense account. You need to define an expense account for all items that are marked as “not inventoried” under the accounting tab of an item. Saasu requires this to be defined.
Error: The Transaction cannot be saved because the payment applied to one of the Invoice(s) exceeds its amount owed. The invoice is already fully paid in Saasu. You can mark this error as successful or delete the payment in Saasu and re-export the record.
Error: Sorry, you cannot save transactions in locked periods as specified in Settings > Transactions. Go to Saasu > Settings > Transactions and change the locked period. You cannot write transactions to periods that are locked and this transaction date will be in a locked period or edit the transaction date to a future date in Neto.
Error: Unable to complete the requested operation as it will cause negative stock-on-hand for XYZ. (Stock-on-hand will become: -1.0000). Increase your stock in Saasu for the mentioned SKU. You can do this by adjusting your stock or by receipting a purchase order.
Error: Line #X: Item is not marked as sold. The item you are trying to export to Saasu has not been marked as “sold” in Saasu under its chart of accounts. You need to change the item to an item that is “sold” and assign and income account. All items that you sell through Neto have to have the sold checkbox ticked in Saasu.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.3