How do I setup multiple Neto accounts to integrate with a single Xero account?

Important! Read this article if you are planning to integrate multiple Neto accounts with a single Xero account. If you are unsure what to do, call or email Neto support.

So transactions are not rejected for being duplicates when importing to Xero from multiple Neto accounts, you need to add a few simple configurations to your Xero accounting integration settings in Neto.

This involves adding prefixes to invoice, credit note and payment numbers exported to Xero by each Neto site. This ensures each sites transactions are always unique.

  1. Go to: admin > accounting integrations > Xero
  2. Drill into your integration config screen
  3. Click on the "advanced configuration" button on the bottom right of screen
  4. Enter a unique prefix (two alpha characters will be fine) into the following fields
    1. Invoice number prefix
    2. Credit note number prefix
    3. Payment transaction ID prefix
    4. Overpayment transaction ID prefix
  5. Additionally you should edit the field "export invoices to this contactID to be a contact that you have setup specifically for the Neto website you are exporting from. 


  • Last Modified: 28/12/2016