Linking Xero accounts to Neto

Part of configuring your Xero integration is linking your Xero accounts to related fields in Neto so that transactions can written to Xero correctly.


In Neto you need to define a default:


  1. Payment account (payment receipts will be written to this account)

  2. Sales income account (sales will be written to this account)

  3. Purchase expense account (used to define default purchase expense account for products)

  4. Overpayments account (overpayments will be written to this account)


Below is an example of a completed setup:



Note: the accounts you define here are used when you have not specified accounts on products or payment methods.

Mapping payment methods to specific Xero accounts:

We strongly advise assigning specific accounts to your payment methods. This will make reconciling payments much easier.

  1. Go to: Neto Control Panel > Admin  > System Setup > Payment Config

  2. On the right of each payment you will find a drop down list titled “Related account in Accounting system”

  3. Select the related account for each payment method

  4. Save your changes


Handy Hint - Use Clearing Accounts

Map each of your payments in Neto to a relevant clearing rather than your actual bank account. This will make reconciliation of accounts much easier. For example map Paypal to an account called "Paypal Clearing" and map Visa to "Credit Card Clearing". Click here to read an article related to this.


  • Last Modified: 28/12/2016