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Xero Common Errors

The table below lists common API error messages when using Xero.

Error Reason Solution
Document could not be found The invoice related to the payment is not yet exported to Xero Run the export invoices task to export invoices to Xero. Provided the invoices are in Xero the payments will automatically be exported on next payment export run.
Invoice not of valid status for modification This document cannot be edited as it has a payment or credit note allocated to it This error appears when you attempt to modify an invoice that has been paid for. The only way to solve this is to void/delete the invoices in Xero and retry. Xero does not allow you to edit paid invoices. You can turn on to only export dispatched orders to Xero, this will reduce the number of times this issue happens as orders are not typically edited after dispatch.
The Total for this document must be greater than or equal to zero. It’s either the price/quantity in one of the line item is less than 0. Change value to greater than 0.
Due date cannot be empty. Xero require the due date on an order / invoice to the populated. Due date is auto populated by Neto however if you remove the due date this error will occur Due date cannot be empty. Add a due date (payment section on order / invoice in Neto)
Account code must be specified The description field is mandatory for each line item. An income account does not exist for one or more invoice lines. Select a default income account to use when one cannot be found on a product level. Go to Xero > Setup & Tools to select this, or make sure that you have specified a valid income account for each product in your Neto data base. You can specify an income account under the accounting section of a product’s edit screen. Note: If you used a previous accounting integration with Neto (Saasu or MYOB) and you have old income account codes specified on products you will also receive this error.
Account type is invalid for making a payment to/from. The Xero account mapped to the payment method in Neto is not enabled for payments. Log into your Xero chart of accounts and tick the Enable Payments To This Account on each account that you have mapped to a payment method in Neto.
Account could not be found (payments) The payment account in Xero does not have an account code. Or you have not mapped your payment methods in Neto to payment methods in Xero. Add codes (numeric codes) to each account in your Xero chart of accounts. Make sure you have mapped your payment methods in Neto (Setup & Tools > Payments).

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018 Neto Version: 6.9