How do I create predefined email responses (Canned Responses)

Rather than typing a email message to your customers every time, you can create predefined messages that you can use over and over again, saving you time. These predefined messages are called Canned Responses.

This article covers:

Where Canned Responses are used

Order Listings

On order listings in the control panel, select the orders on the left hand side, then scroll down to Bulk Actions and select Email > Message or Email > Order or Invoice.

Order list

An email form will display addressed to the customers whose orders you selected. If the same customer is selected more than once, they will receive multiple emails.

If you selected Order or Invoice, the email will contain a copy of the selected order.


Order Details

While viewing an order in the control panel, click on the Email Order or Email Tax Invoice button. A pop-up window will appear with the order/invoice details in the email.


Customer Listings

When viewing a list of customers, you can select the customer on the left hand side and scroll to the bottom of the page and select With Selected > Email Selected > Message.


Customer Card

While view the customer's card, click on the envelope icon to the right of the email address.

User Details


Returns & Credits

Select an RMA and click on the E-mail Customer tab.

How to add a Canned Response to an email

Once you have the email form open (see Where Canned Responses are used):

  1. Click in the email editor where you want the text to appear. If you want it before the content in the editor, click at the top right so the cursor flashes at the correct position.
  2. Select the type next to Use Canned Response. If the canned response is not in a type, leave the drop down blank.
  3. Then click in the next field. A list of the canned responses in that responses type will display. Click on the subject name to select it.

Add a new Canned Response

  1. Go to Admin > Canned Responses > Add New Response.
  2. Enter the default email Subject.
  3. If you want to include file attachments with this response, set Email Attachments to Enable.
  4. You can organise the responses by setting a Type. See Add a new Canned Response Type for details on how to create types.
  5. The Internal Description is for your reference only. It will not be included in the email.

Add New Canned Response


  1. Under the Response Body section, click on the WYSIWYG Editor tab to enter the email content.
  2. You can use codes (called tags) in your email that will be replaced with details from the customer, order, RMA or your web site details. Here is a list of the tags you can use:


Tag Replaced with Works with
[$company_name$] Website company name Order, Customer, RMA
[$company_addr$] Website company address Order, Customer, RMA
[$company_phone$] Website company phone number Order, Customer, RMA
[$company_email$] Website system email Order, Customer, RMA
[@order_id@] Order Number Order, Customer, RMA
[@bill_first_name@] First Name (Billing Address) Order, RMA
[@bill_last_name@] Last Name (Billing Address) Order, RMA
[@bill_company@] Company Name (Billing Address) Order, RMA
[@email@] Customer email address Order, Customer, RMA
[@ship_first_name@] First Name (Shipping Address) Order, RMA
[@ship_last_name@] Last Name (Shipping Address) Order, RMA
[@ship_company@] Company Name (Shipping Address) Order, RMA
[@grand_total@] Order Total Amount Order, RMA
[RMA#] RMA ID number RMA


  1. If you want an attachment included with the response, under the Attachments section, select Browse or Choose File. You can attach more than one file to the response.
  2. Save the response.

Modify an existing Canned Response

To modify an existing canned response, go to Admin > Canned Responses > View All Canned Responses and select the response you would like to edit. See the Add a new Canned Response section for details on the fields.

Add a new Canned Response Type

You can organise the canned responses to make it easier to select. Creating different canned response types and then you can assign the responses to the type. To add a new type, go to Admin > Canned Responses > Canned Response Types and click on Add New.

Enter a Name for the type and a Description and Save.

Add New Canned Response Type

  • Last Modified: 18/11/2016 Neto Version: 5.87