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Overview and Setup of User Groups

This article requires the Customer Groups addon from the Neto Addon store.

With Customer User Groups you can:

  • Assign different pricing to:
    • Customers (i.e. retail / wholesale customers)
    • Sales Channels (i.e. eBay / webstore)
  • Restrict products, product categories and other content pages based on the Customer User Group assigned to the customer
  • Select which payment method are available to each Customer User Group.
  • Set a minimum total amount for orders placed by a customer.
  • Use the Customer User Group to trigger discounts or free products.
  • Send monthly statements based on their User Group.


  • Sell products at a different price to wholesale customers.
  • Sell your products at a different price in eBay to your webstore.
  • Hide certain products or product categories from certain customers

From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Addons and scroll down to Customer User Groups and click on the Install button.

The Product visible to customers in group option will appear in the Naming & Visibility section of the product page in the control panel:

Only the checked customer user groups will see the product.

In the Pricing & Tax section you can enter pricing for different groups:

Combined with the Multilevel Pricing Addon you can enter Multilevel Pricing for each group:

On the Blog Post, Brands, Forms, Information Pages, Product Categories and other custom content types, you can select which Customer User Group can view the page:

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018 Neto Version: 6.6