What are some of the popular b2b / wholesale features of Neto?

Neto is a powerful tool for wholesalers. Some of the main features include -

  • Different customer pricing group tiers (new customer, valued customer, preferred customer, etc).
  • Provide different invoice templates for different customers.
  • Ability to allow customers can pay on terms or credit.
  • Ability to create and maintain quotes.
  • Support for drop shipping automation.
  • Ability to record purchase order numbers.

How can I have different pricing groups for different customers?

Utilising the customer user groups addon you can set up different pricing groups for different customer tiers (new customer, valued customer, preferred customer, etc).

How do I create different invoice formats for different customers?

Utilising the Invoice Templates addon you can select the invoice template you wish to use on the customer card.

To create an invoice template, you can follow our guide or request a design tweak to our professional designers.

Can customers have payment terms or credit?

Yes. Payment or invoice terms are automatically populated based on the default terms or can be defined on an individual basis.

The default payment terms available are -

1. Prepaid

2. Cash on delivery (COD)

3. Due on invoice

4. Due at end of month

5. Due “x” days from date of invoice

6. Due on “x” day of month

7. Due “x” days after EOM

8. Due on “x” of month after EOM

These terms can also be modified to suit your own needs.

How can I quote through Neto and save it?

From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Sales Orders > Add Order.

The quote will save and will remain as a quote until the invoice has been paid (which will convert it automatically to an order) or if a staff member approves it manually in the control panel.

Can customers pay their outstanding invoices online?

Customers can pay their outstanding invoices by credit card from within their account on your website front end.

When they log in they will see a list of all orders with an amount outstanding and the option to pay the outstanding amount by credit card.

This is ideal for businesses that sell to customers on terms (i.e. Net 30). To use this feature you must have an active credit card merchant facility/ gateway installed.

Can I set up a recurring billing schedule?

Yes. A recurring billing schedule can be applied to an order to automatically debit a customer’s credit or debit cards based on a predefined set of rules. In order to use this system you must first have a triggered payment facility with a supported third party gateway such as eWay.

Can I set up automatic payment reminders?

The system has the capability to send automatic payment reminders to customers who have outstanding invoices. By default, the system can send up to 3 payment reminders per invoice.

To set this up from the Neto dashboard, simply navigate to Setup & Tools > All settings & tools. Once there, navigate to the Payments & Tax section and click on Payment Reminders.

Can Neto record purchase order numbers?

Yes. In business to business type scenarios, customers sometimes supply a purchase order number with their order. You can enter the PO number against the customer’s order in Neto so that it appears on the customers invoice for their own tracking purposes.

How does Neto support drop shipping?

Over the past few years Neto has developed a system to properly manage drop shipping for both those selling drop shipped goods (retailers) and those receiving drop ship orders (wholesalers).

Drop shipping for wholesalers allows your re-sellers to:

  • Access custom inventory feeds to update their inventory in real time.
  • Bulk upload orders into your system - automatically (via FTP) or manually (file upload).
  • Have their logo and company information printed on address labels, packing slips and con-notes you send with their orders.

Drop shipping for retailers allows you to drop ship items on your own website. With Neto you can fully automate the entire drop ship process from start to finish.

Update your drop shipped inventory via scheduled inventory data feeds.

  • Automatically send suppliers paid order notifications via e-mail.
  • Upload order updates / tracking information from supplier systems.
  • Providing a secure portal for suppliers to login to process orders on your behalf.
  • Suppliers can also print packing slips, invoices, consignment notes etc from within their supplier control panel.

How can I setup products so that wholesale customers see prices excluding GST?

The system has the capability to show prices for both Retail customers and Wholesale customers. Retail customers want to see prices including GST while Wholesale customers want to see prices excluding GST. While you can only have one global tax setting for the site you can accommodate other tax requirements at a product level.

In Neto, there are two options available:

Option 1: You can have a design tweak to show the different prices.

Option 2: You can setup two separate products. Set one prodcut to include GST and the other product to exclude GST at the product level. You can then use kitting to manage stock levels by making one of these products a kit of the other product.

  • Last Modified: 24/03/2017 Neto Version: 6.8