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Wishlists Overview

This support article requires the Wishlists addon from Neto’s Addon Store.

Customers who have an account on your webstore are able to make wishlists for items they wish to purchase in the future.

Wishlists are created and an email is sent to the customer the following day. To change the scheduling time from the Neto dashboard, simply navigate to Setup & tools > All settings & tools. Click on the Processes & Scheduled Jobs tab from the left hand side navigation menu and click System Scheduled Tasks.

In the Scheduled Tasks, scroll down and edit Wishlist Reminder. Here you can change when customers receive their wishlists.

If you need to change the email template, simply navigate to Setup & tools > All settings & tools. Click on System Templates tab and click Email Templates. Scroll down to ID 21 Wishlist Notification Emails and edit the template as required.

To access customer wishlists from the Neto dashboard, navigate to Customers > Wish lists.

You can also access this on an individual basis by going to a customer card by navigating to Customers > View customers & prospects > Click on a customer you wish to view. At the top right hand corner, click on the History button and click on the wish list.

Customers can access their wish lists in the future on the webstore by going to their My Account section and selecting My Wishlists.

To access the options for wishlists:

  1. From the Neto Dashboard navigate to Setup & Tools > All Settings & Tools

  2. Select Web Store from the left side menu, and choose Webstore Settings

  3. Scroll down to Customer Wishlist Settings.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018 Neto Version: 6.10