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How do I add widgets or midgets to my dashboard?

The Neto dashboard gives staff users a brief customisable overview of key business process information.

Staff users can populate the dashboard page with various Widgets and Midgets. These are small applications that provide useful information usually in a graphical manner.

The dashboard also contains a To Do List which details any outstanding system messages.

Staff users can populate the dashboard page with various widgets and midgets.

Adding Widgets

  1. From the Neto dashboard, locate the Widgets box.

  2. Either search or click the magnifying glass to bring up a list of the Widgets and midgets you wish to use.

  3. Once added, you can can drag and drop any of the widgets and midgets you wish the use.

Widgets will be seen on the left hand side and centre of the screen, Midgets will appear on the right of the screen .

Available Widgets

Active Standing / Recurring Orders
Daily Sales - By Date Invoiced
Daily Sales By Product
Daily Sales By Warehouse
Delayed Orders
eBay Add/Relist Errors
eBay Incomplete Transactions
eBay Listings Requiring Approval
Getting Started
Invoiced By Channel Month to Date
Key Figures
Login As Customer
Month To Date Sales By Warehouse
My Warehouse Delayed Orders
My Warehouse Pending Orders
Neto News
Order delay (Pick and Hold Status)
Order Lines By Date Required
Orders Pending Pick 'n Pack
Pending Asset Movement Jobs
Pending Asset Service Jobs
Pending Back Orders
Pending Proposals
Quotes By Date Placed
Quotes By Date Required
RMAs Last 30 Days
Sales for the week
Service Stats
State Customer
Stock Alerts
Top 10 Parts Shortages
Top 10 Parts Usage
Top Sellers (last 7 days, excluding virtual items)
Average Daily Sales Year to Date
Average eBay Daily Sales Last 30 Days
eBay Sales Yesterday
Growth Last 30 Days Over Year Ago
Growth This Month Over Year Ago
Growth This Year Over Year Ago
New Customers Last 7 Days
New eBay Customers Last 30 Days
New Recurring Orders Month to Date
New Recurring Orders Year to Date
New Recurring Orders Yesterday
Sales This Week (From Monday)
Sales Yesterday
Total eBay Sales Last 30 Days

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.6