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Example Tweaks

Neto offers a Tweak Library which is maintained by our Design Team. This section includes a compilation of the most popular modifications, or “tweaks”, we make to customer websites. Most of the tweaks are not included in our themes because more often than not, they are specific to certain industries.

These tweaks are helpfully arranged into categories. Code snippets and screenshots are included with the tweaks to ensure that making any modifications to your storefront remains as painless as possible.

Brands Menu

A list of brands that, when hovered over, provides users with a simple way to find branded products.

How to Code it!

  1. Connect to your website via FTP
  2. Open up Header template
  3. Locate the footer template.html. This can be found in Private > netosuite> Template > skeletal > header > template.html.

  4. Open the template in your text editor. We suggest either Sublime Text or Atom. Add a [%content_menu%] at line 77 which is after the opening ul with the class na nvabar-nav.

  5. Add the the following brands menu code into the template

    [%content_menu content_type:'brand' sortby:'sortorder, name' limit:'5'%]
     [%param *header%]
         <li class="dropdown dropdown-hover"><a >Brands <span class="caret"></span></a>
             <ul class="dropdown-menu">
     [%param *level_1%]
         <li class=""> <a href="[@url@]">[@name@]</a></li>
     [%param *footer%]

The [%content_menu%] dynamically generates a menu based on the content type you define in the parameters. There are the parameters used in this [%content_menu%]:

  • content_type: The content type targeted for the menu.
  • sortorder: The sort order for the pages in the menu. To set which brands to display give them a sortorder higher then the rest of the brands and they will display instead of the other brands. sortorder is editable in the backend of the brand page in the cPanel.
  • limit: Sets a limit of items generated in the menu.

Now it will show a list of featured brands at the start of the main navigation in the header of every page.

Header Announcement Area

A clear area to make text-based announcements, for example, closing times over public holidays etc.

How to code it!

  1. Add the HTML to your template.

    Open headers/template.html, and add the below code directly beneath the opening body tag:

    <div class="container header-message">
     <div class="row">
         <div class="col-xs-12">
             [%content_zone id:'header_announcement'%][%/content_zone%]
  2. Add the content zone.

    Create a new content zone in the cPanel with the name header_announcement, and add the text you'd like displayed.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017