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How do I change the display order for my products on my website?

  1. From the Neto Dashboard, navigate to Setup & tools > All settings & tools.

  2. On the Setup & tools page, select Webstore Settings.

  3. Under List Settings select the default you want from the drop down menu.

    Sort Order Will sort
    Default Sorting Numerical sort order set on individual products
    Product Name Alphabetically by the Products Name
    Product SKU Alphabetically by the Products SKU
    Product Brand Alphabetically by the Products Brand
    Lowest Price Lowest price to highest price
    Highest Price Highest price to lowest price
    Largest Item Descending by the Largest Item (weight)
    Smallest Item Descending by the Smallest Item (weight)
    Longest Item Descending by the Longest Item (length)
    Shortest Item Descending by the Shortest Item (length)
    Arrival Date Descending by the arrival date of the Product
    Set in Template According to the pages template
    Customer Wishlist Descending by added date in Customer’s Wishlist
    Most Popular Descending by Most Popular Products
    Sort Order 1 Custom per product Sort Order 1 field
    Sort Order 1 > Lowest Price Custom per product Sort Order 1 field then Lowest Price
    Sort Order 2 Custom per product Sort Order 2 field
    Sort Order 2 > Lowest Price Custom per product Sort Order 1 field then Lowest Price
    Sort Order 1 > Sort Order 2 Custom per product Sort Order 1 then Sort Order 2 field
    Product Type > Sort Order 2 Product type is no longer in use, this will function as Custom per product Sort Order 2 field
    Other Not in use

    Please Note: When organising your products, Sort Order values work in ascending order, ie. 1 will be first and 100 will be last.


Setting The Product Sort Order Individually

If you want to customise the order of your products, and select one of the Sort Order options above, you will then need to configure the Sort Order fields on the product page.

  1. Trom the Neto Dashboard navigate to Products > View Products and open the product you wish to change by selecting the SKU.

  2. Navigate to the Naming And Visibility tab and enter a number in the the field Sort Order 1. This number is the ascending order in which you want your products to appear.

  3. You can now add a value to the field to set its position against all other products. When complete Save your changes.

The settings will apply to your web and Facebook shop.

Setting The Product Sort Order In Bulk

To set the product Sort Order in bulk please review our documentation on the Export & Import wizards.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.10