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Design Tweak & Design Brief Explained

If CSS and HTML aren't your strong points, Neto offers services to help make those changes for you. We offer these services which we call Design Tweaks, as well as offering entire website design.

If there is some text you'd like to change the colour of, or a menu you'd like to make pop, then a design tweak is a great way to get the work done by someone who does it every day.

Submit a Design Tweak

This form will ensure we receive all information required to get your tweak done. Just make sure that when you tell us about what you'd like changed that you give as much information as possible. And if you have any examples then make sure you upload those as well!

If you're after a bit more than a few minor changes, and want to overhaul your entire site, then submitting a design brief for a design project is what you're after.

Again, be descriptive and give as much information as possible. You can outline how much you're willing to spend. With that information the design team can prioritise features.

You can also pass on any examples via screen shots, or even list websites that you'd like to have a similar look and feel as.

To initiate a Design Brief, please contact our Sales team who can start the process.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018