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The layout and look and feel of your home page is one of the most important aspects of your website. Consider it the front window of your shop, with your website visitors being passer-bys, window shopping. You need to capture your users so they'll stop and look at your products and make a purchase!

Website colours, logo, layout and banners all need to work together to make the perfect front page. When thinking about how you'd like your front page to look keep the following in mind:

  • Clearly answer "Who are you?" & "What do you sell?": If you're a new store, or even a well established store, your customers need to know what it is you're selling to them.

  • Design your front page to target your audience: Your homepage needs to be focused to exactly who you want buying your products. Avoid trying to look too generic and make those changes to fit into your niche.

  • Ensure your front page is responsive!: A responsive website is a multi-device, across all platforms from mobile to desktop, which in turn means your customers can visit your site where ever they are, on whatever device they have.

  • Make regular changes: Keeping your website interesting by changing banners, colours and featured products is super important in having your customers returning.

  • Include calls-to-actions: Direct your customers to "Buy now" or "View now", engaging them with enticing images of the amazing products you are selling.

Content is a big consideration of the Home Page and you should always think of this from a functional business perspective: What do users want when they come onto my site?.

Whether you have Categories, Products, Brands or even Blogs on the home page, all of them work; but it's important to be mindful of what is going to work best for your business.

  • Category Thumbnails are good for increasing the ease of navigation on your site.

  • Having Products easily accessible is great if you have a killer flagship-product line you want to push.

  • Having Brands as the focus is great if your industry vertical has some big, trusted names that will give people a sense of faith in you as a seller of those products.

The most important thing is to be mindful of why you've chosen that content for the home page and to be mindful of how it helps the user on your site.

When adding images to your website, ensure they are of high quality, but also well optimised. A poor quality image can ruin your web stores over all aesthetic. Further, a poorly optimised image can drastically slow down web page speed, turning potential buyers off and in extreme cases can effect SEO.

Your Neto web shop has access to a wide range of marketing tools to make your front page enticing and engaging to your customers. Capture your users with a banner. Show-off featured products that might be popular within your niche.

Ensure that your banner images are of a consistent ratio. Banners with multiple heights can sometimes cause a jarring transition between banners, as it causes the content underneath to be pushed up and down to compensate for the height difference.

Marketing Widgets Overview

Neto allows you to add various Marketing Widgets to your web store, such as:

  • Banner Advert: These consist of a single image. Banner ad sizes can be defined during creation. You can create multiple banner ads and assign them to different categories or locations on your website. If multiple banner ads appear in a single location, the system will automatically rotate the banner each time the page is loaded.

  • Banner, Carousel Slide or Text Advert: These consist of an image, headline and body of text with a link through to the adverts targeted page. You can create multiple ad units and assign them to different categories or locations on your website. If multiple ad units appear in a single location, the system will automatically rotate the ad unit each time the page is loaded.

  • Feature Product Ads: These consist of a product or range of products. You can create multiple featured product ads and assign them to different categories or locations on your website. If you create more featured ads than the allocated location allows for, then the system will rotate through the available ads each time the page is loaded.

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Last Modified: 18/11/2016