How do I customise my web shop, mobile or Facebook shop design?

Your website is one of the most valuable assets in your business. Minor modifications to its design can result in higher sales conversion rates, increased brand credibility and improved search engine rankings. Take this opportunity to reinvigorate your website and start benefiting from great design.

1. Use Neto’s in-house design services

Neto offers a full range of web and graphic design services from web and mobile website design to eBay listing and store design. 

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2. Use your own web designer

If you are web designer with HTML and CSS skills, you have come to the right place. Neto makes is easy for designers to build powerful e-commerce websites without any programming skills required.

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3. Use and customise a free theme / template yourself

Stick to your budget with a Free customisable theme / template. Simply change the colours, banners and imagery to match your branding. We can also tweak your template to match your specific needs. Template tweaking is a billable service that we offer.

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Last Modified: 18/11/2016