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How to add a background image to my site?

Most of our themes include a setting to add a background image. If the image is smaller than the screen, the image will repeat like bathroom tiles.

How to check to see if your theme supports a background image

Not all themes supports a background image in the settings.

  1. To check if you theme does, navigate to Webstore > Theme Editor.

  2. Click on the Edit Styles button.

  3. In the Body section look for Background Image. If you find it, you theme supports a background image.

If you do not find the option, a background image can still be added to your site. However, this would require a design change to your theme.

You can request this design change from our design team by completing our online form.

Uploading an image to your site

  1. To upload the background image, select Upload Image from the background image drop down box.

  2. Select Choose File and browse to select your file, and then click Save.

Your image will be uploaded and applied as the background.

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