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Why can't I see updated images immediately?

When you change a product, category, brand or advert banner image it does not immediately display on the front end of your site. This article covers the reasons for this and how to see the updated images.


Your website and web browser uses a technology called caching to speed up the time it takes to view a web page. Caching saves a copy of the images both on the web servers around the world and in your web browser. When you change an image, the new image has the same web address as the old image.

So when you view the page containing the image, the web browser uses the image stored on your computer rather than downloading the image from your web site. Images can be cached for months.

For the image to show in your web browser, you need to clear the cache both for your website and in your web browser.

Clearing your website cache

To clear the cache on your website, simply click the Refresh System Now link in the bottom left hand side of your Neto control panel.

Your sites cache is automatically purged every two hours. You only need to purge the cache if you want to see the changes before the automatic purge.

Clearing the cache on your web browser

To clear the cache in your web browser is a two step process:

  1. Delete the cached files
  2. Refresh the web page that contains the image

This article will give you step by step instructions to delete the file cache in your web browser:’s-Cache

Once the file cache is deleted, you need to refresh the page that contains the image in your web browser. In Windows and Linux press F5 and on the Mac, press Command-R.

Quick Tip

A quick way to view the change images without clearing your browsers file cache is to open a private (also called Incognito) window. In Windows press Shift-Control-N and on the Mac press Shift-Command-N. This will open a new window and bypass the browsers file cache.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.6