What are my DNS options?

You can choose to have your DNS hosted either by third party servers or with Neto when making your website live.

Self/ Third party hosted
You arrange for the DNS for the domain to be hosted on third party servers. In order to bring the site live, we send them the IP address of their site, and they need to change the A and WWW record to this IP in their DNS. Neto provides basic support only with this. If you need our assistance to make this change, we will require the URL and log in credentials for the DNS hosting.

You do not need to notify neto if you transfer the domain name between 
third party servers.

Neto hosted
You can delegate the domain to Neto's DNS servers. This is a service that we provide to all clients at no charge. In order to do this, we require the following:

  • The MX (mail) records for the domain
  • Any custom A, CNAME, SRV, DKIM or TXT records your current DNS settings contain, as well as any custom TTL settings you have

We would prefer a copy of the zone file for your domain. If this is not possible a screenshot of your current settings, or access to your current DNS config will suffice. 

If none of this info is available we can still set your DNS up but it will be only "best guess". While we will try not to miss records we can't guarantee it.

Please note, with Neto DNS there is currently no self management facility.  Any future changes to the DNS will need to be raised as a support ticket.

  • Last Modified: 18/11/2016