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What Protocols Does Neto Support for File Transfer and how do I get access?

What you can use to transfer files to and from the Neto system depends on where you are sending the information to/from and how you are sending it.

SFTP is the only way to access your Neto file server. Register to gain access to SFTP to your Neto site.

The Neto import/export system can only send or receive files via FTP. This feature is available from the Neto dashboard by navigating to Setup & Tools > Import or Export Data.

Neto does not support FTPS in any fashion.

Gaining access to SFTP

To access your websites filesystem you need to first request SFTP access from our support team.

After you have received your SFTP details, you can use an FTP client such as FileZilla to log into the fileserver for your website:

Host: s
Username: (Provided by Neto support)
Password: (Provided by Neto support)
Port: 2022

Some customers may still be on our legacy servers and will need to login using the details below. Our legacy servers are currently being deprecated, so if you have problems logging in, please utilise the new details listed above instead.

Legacy Host Details
Username: (Provided by Neto support)
Password: (Provided by Neto support)
Port: 2022
Replacing ‘your-neto-site’ with your neto staging URL.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017