How do I accept credit cards through my store?

You will need to set up your payment gateway provider in order to use this facility.

Our full list of supported gateways is available here.

If you already have your payment gateway, you will need to add this information to your Neto control panel.

Adding a payment method

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Setup & Tools > Payment Methods

  2. Click on the Add New button.

  3. Click on the MasterCard / Visa + more button.

4. Select the payment processor in the first drop down menu and then select which of the payment products you have applied for in the second drop down menu. Then click on Continue.

Setup Credit Card

5. A new payment method form will appear. Fill out the details given by your gateway provider here.

Note: If you experience problems with your gateway post setup, it's best to follow our troubleshooting guide for assistance.

A common issue happens when a password has been copied/pasted into a configuration field and has a space. eg. "Password120$&@ " has been added instead of "Password120$&@". Before following the troubleshooting guide and contacting support, try and re-enter the information into your configuration first.

Add New Payment Method

Type and Status

  1. You can select what position this payment method appears on the drop down list on the Checkout page. To set the orders, enter a number under Sort Order. The highest number will make the payment method first in the list and the lowest will appear last.
  2. Under Payment Methods, check the credit cards you want to support on your site.
  3. To make this payment method inactive, click on the switch under Active/Enabled. Blue is active and gray in inactive.
  4. To show this payment method to customers on the Checkout click on the switch under Show on Website. If it is blue, this payment method will display to customers and if it is gray, it will be hidden from customers but you can still use it for orders in the control panel.


  1. The settings you will need to enter will depend on the payment processor you selected. You bank or payment gateway can supply the details.
  2. Select the Currency that the payment will used for the payment gateway. Depending on the gateway, you may have AUD - Australian Dollar as the only option. (this option is not on all payment methods)
  3. If you want to apply a surcharge for payments using this payment method, enter the percentage under Surcharge.
  4. If you only want this payment method to be available when the order reaches a certain dollar amount, enter the amount under Min Spend.
  5. If you want to hide this payment method if the order total is over a certain amount, enter the amount under Max Spend.

Click on Continue to save the payment method.

How can I test if my payment methods work?

The only way to test if your payment method(s) has been set up correctly is to place an order from the website front end like a normal internet customer and to check out, paying with the payment method(s).

Trial and staging accounts are set up to allow this and we highly recommend that you test all integrated payment methods prior to going live.

  1. Change the pricing of one product to a very low amount, like $0.01
  2. Navigate to the website front end / shop and locate the product
  3. Add one cart
  4. Complete check out following the prompts
  5. Check for the paid order in the website control panel / back end
  6. Don’t forget to change the product price back to your retail price afterwards! 

This is also a good opportunity to practice processing an order, creating an RMA (returned merchandise authorisation) and processing a refund.

  • Last Modified: 04/08/2016 Neto Version: 6.3