How do I setup automatic payment reminders?

The system has the capability to send automatic payment reminders to customers who have outstanding invoices. By default the system can send up to 3 payment reminders per invoice.

To setup payment reminders:
  1. Login to Neto control panel
  2. Go to: Admin > system configuration > payment configuration > payment reminders
If you do not want to use the payment reminder system then leave the payment reminder fields on the above setup page blank. The system will only send payment reminders if these fields are populated.
You can edit the wording of your payment reminder emails for each of the 3 payment reminders from within the email templates folder in your html templates folder.  
  1. Login to Neto control panel
  2. Go to: Content > Website and Email Templates > Email Templates > Order Emails > Payment Reminders
Payment reminder emails also include a list all outstanding invoices on a customers account (much like an account statement). Typically a link for customers to pay outstanding invoices online is also included. This gives your customers the ability to login to their accounts online and pay invoices at their convenience.

  • Last Modified: 29/10/2015