How do I setup shipping zones?


There are a number of pre-imported shipping zones already stored in your system.   You can also import shipping zones using the zone import template if your carrier zones are not provided or you need to create custom zones. Please note that carriers can change or update shipping zones from time to time. For this reason, we recommend always importing shipping zones received directly from the carrier.

  1. Go to:
    Shipping> shipping zones> import shipping zones> shipping zone .csv template file.
  2. Populate the import template using the zone data provided to you by your carrier. You can request this information from your account manager.  Be sure to request it in excel format, so it is easily copied into the import template.
  3. Once you have populated the template, save it in .csv format.
  4. From the shipping zone import screen, click the “choose file” button, and locate your saved file.
  5. Check the “test upload” button, and click “upload file”.
  6. A preview of the upload file will be displayed.  Ensure that the data is correct, and if any errors are displayed, correct these in your .cave file and repeat the previous steps.
  7. When you are satisfied with the data, uncheck “test upload” and click “upload file”.
  8. You will receive a success message at the top of the screen when these zones have been successfully imported.

How do I populate the shipping zones template?
Open the template file: shipping_zones_template.csv

In the template file you will find the following fields:
  • Courier: name of the carrier service *
    (PLEASE NOTE: this needs to be unique for each set of zones, if you are updating existing zones we recommend placing a number of * at the end of the name to ensure this)
  • Country: country zones are in (in the case of Australia, populate this column with AU)
  • Zone Name: name/ title of zone (with some carriers this is the same as the zone code)
  • Zone Code: code for zone (with some carriers this is the same as the zone name) *
  • From Post Code: start of post code range *
  • To Post Code: end of postcode range *
From and To Post Code refers to the range of postcodes in a zone or zone code. These do not refer to the warehouse location. Some zones may only have one post code within them, in which case the "to" and "from" post codes are the same.  

Populate the fields with the information provided to you by your carrier. 
All fields with an asterisk (*) are required to be populated. All other fields are optional.

How do I view or update preset shipping zones?

  • Last Modified: 24/10/2016