How do I submit a shipping manifest?

Shipping Manifests


When using an integrated shipping carrier, electronic manifests will automatically be created based on the shipping consignments generated as part of the pack stage of order processing. Manifests can then be submitted to the carrier via your control panel when the carrier picks up your freight. In most cases the carriers will also request a printed copy of the manifest.

Best practice is to submit your manifest only after the goods have been accepted by the carrier. Submitting a manifest is not a method of alerting the carrier that a pick up is required, so you will still need to book pickups in your usual manner. Once submitted you cannot edit or delete consignments from a manifest.

Important: Most carriers will bill you based on the contents of your manifest (so it’s important to check your manifests before submitting).


How to submit a shipping manifest:

  1. Go to Sales Order > Shipping Manifests
  2. You will be presented with a list of pending manifests. Click on the manifest ID number to open it. 
  3. You must ensure that all information is correct, as this information is used by the carrier to invoice you.  



  1. Once you have reviewed the manifest, it is ready to be submitted to the carrier by clicking Submit Manifest to Carrier.  You will receive a green confirmation message when this has been successfully submitted. Once a manifest has been submitted, the system will automatically recognise this, and begin another manifest.
  2. Click on the Print Manifest button to print a manifest. Hand a copy of the printed manifest to the courier driver.

Submit manifest


Locking a manifest

The option to “lock” a manifest is also available. Locking a manifest closes it off without submitting it. Any new consignments created for the related carrier will be put on a new manifest. This feature is often used in instances where you pack orders days in advance of a carrier picking up the items. Click on the Lock Manifest button to lock a manifest.


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