How do I update the URL for my content pages?

Neto lets you customise the URL for any content page, product or product category. We recommend a flat structure where possible to make it easy for search engines to find.

After creating the page, if you change the URL of a page, a 301 redirect will be automatically created to help preserve your previous search engine rankings. So if someone visits the old URL, they will automatically be redirected to the new address. You can view the 301 Redirects by going to Marketing > SEO > 301 Redirects.


Customising Content Page / Product Category URLs

1. Go to the content page or product category you'd like to customise. Both are located under the Content menu.

Select Information Page


  1. Scroll down to the Naming section
  2. Untick Automatic URL.
  3. Enter the custom URL you wish to use.
  4. Click Save


Removing the string on the end of the Home Page URL

Your home page should always just be your domain name without a string on the end of the URL. For example:  


The reason why the Home page must only have the domain name as the URL is the product search feature will stop working if the URL is something else.

To remove the string on the end of the home page URL, follow the steps above and when you reach step 4, just clear the field and then press Save.

  • Last Modified: 17/12/2015 Neto Version: 5.93