How do you create an order for a gift voucher?

  1. Go to: Orders > Add new
  2. Enter a billing and shipping address for the order
  3. Add a gift voucher SKU to the order (you must have setup gift vouchers in advance)
  4. Save and complete the order (as you would any other order)
If you have sold a gift voucher or are running a rewards program you can click the “calculate  voucher/ reward” button to calculate the value of credit earned or generate the electronic voucher. 

In the case of vouchers you will then be given the opportunity to enter the voucher recipient details, a gift message and date for the voucher to be emailed to the recipient. Complete these fields before saving / creating the order. 

Vouchers are sent by email once orders are approved at the date and time specified on the voucher.  

  • Last Modified: 27/10/2016