How to I add a product using the web interface?

Neto supports selling almost anything. The intuitive interface makes adding and editing products easy while the advanced import system makes importing products from data feeds and 3rd parts sources a breeze.


To add a product using the web interface:


  1. Go to: Content > Products> Add New to add a new product.

  2. Select the type of product you would like to add

    1. Regular product
      - for example a CD, book or household item

    2. Product with options (eg different sizes and colours)
      - for example clothing

    3. Kitted product (product built from other products)
      - for example a value pack or hamper

  3. Enter a SKU,  a name and select the category you want the product to appear in

  4. Click “Continue” to add the product



After you have added a product you can add information to the product including:


  • images

  • descriptions

  • buying rules

  • shipping rules & dimensions

  • stock and warehouse locations

  • seo meta data

  • and more…


If a field does not exist to add data to, you can create a new field.


Go to: admin > customisable fields > custom product fields to add a new field.


Once you have added a new custom field, it will appear on your product management page to edit. It will also appear as a field to import to and export from.


  • Last Modified: 28/10/2016


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