How to import Google Shopping Product Categories

Google has made changes to the Google Shopping Data Feed. The product category from the Google Shopping website is now required for the feed.

This article covers:

Importing the Google Product Categories into your site

Google have over 5,400 categories that can be assigned to your products. We have created a import file so you can import the complete list into your site.

  1. First create a custom content type to store the categories by going to Admin > Content Types Manager and select Add New.

    Enter Google Product Categories for the Name. It is important the name is correct as it will need to match the import file. Then enter google-categories under Unique Code and save.

  2. Download the import file - google-product-categories-2015-02-19.csv
  3. Use the Import Wizard to import the categories into your site by going to Import / Export > Import Wizard and click on Start Data Import Wizard. Select Category or Content and Manual Upload, then select the import file you have download to your computer. Click on the Continue to Next Step.

  1. The field mapping will be correct so click on Continue to Next Step again.
  2. Content Update Options should be set to Add New / Update Existing Content and click on Continue to Next Step again.
  3. Click on Process File Now to queue the import.

The import process will take about 10 minutes. Once imported, you will find the categories by going to Content > Google Product Categories.

The import file sets all these categories so they do not appear appear in the sitemap or in a category menu.

Assigning the Google Product Category to a product

To assign a Google Product Category to a product, go to Products > View All Products and select a product. Scroll down to the Categorisation section. Then select Google Product Categories under Add to category and select each level of the category. Click on the Add to category button to add it to the list on the right. Save the changes.

Add Google Product Category

You can also add the Google Product Categories to products in bulk using the Import Wizard or using the Neto API. The next section covers assigning categories to products in bulk.

Assigning Google Product Categories in bulk

Using the Import Wizard or an import template, you can add an Google Product Category any many products at the same time.

The import CSV file will need at least two columns. One for the product SKU and the second Category Full Path List (Google Product Categories).

You can find a full listing of the product categories by going to this page on the Google Merchant website and click on Taxonomy without numeric IDs in Plain Text (.txt). This file has a complete list of the all the categories. You can copy the relevant category and paste it next to the correct SKU in the import file you are creating.

When importing, the map the SKU to SKU* and the Google Product Category to Category Full Path List (Google Product Categories).

For more information in using the Import Wizard check out:

Adding the category to the Google Shopping Feed

To pass the Google Product Category for each product in the Google Shopping Data Feed will require two changes to the export template. You will need to add a column header and a tag that will be replaced with category when exported.

To make changes to the data feed, you will need a text editor like TextEdit on the Mac or Notepad in Windows.

To add the column, go to Marketing > Comparison Shopping Feeds and select Google Shopping Data Feed. Scroll down to the FILE HEADER field. Click on the field and press Command-A (Mac) or Ctrl-A (Windows) to select all the text in the field. Copy the contents and paste it into your text editor. Click at the end of the line and press the tab key and enter google product category. Select all text in the text editor. Copy and paste it into the field under FILE HEADER.  Make sure it replaces the text already in the field.

To add the tag, scroll down to FILE BODY - body and click at the end of the text line. You may need to scroll to the right to see the end of the line. Then click on the drop down menu next to Insert Data Tag and select Category Table (Google Product Categories) and in the next drop down select Google Product Categories Full Path List and click Insert.

Select all the text in the field. Copy the contents and paste it into your text editor. Click just before the square bracket for the tag you just added and press the tab key. Then select the text, copy and paste it back into the field under FILE BODY - body. Make sure it replaces the text already in the field.

Save the changes to the template.

Next you will need to test the data feed to make sure the changes are correct.

  1. Click on the Generate Data File at the top of the page. This will take up to 10 minutes to process depending on how many products you have in the data feed.
  2. Click on Download Data File and open the file in Excel or Google Sheets. You will need to open it via the import feature.
  3. Check that the new column name and the categories are in their own column. If there is a product without and category, check the product to make sure it has been allocated.

  • Last Modified: 29/10/2015 Neto Version: 5.84