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How do I integrate my Neto account with Unleashed?

Unleashed Overview

  This guide requires the Neto Connect addon to be installed from the Addon Store.

Easy-to-use inventory management at the heart of your business.

For manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors that need efficient processes, Unleashed is an easy-to-use online inventory solution at the heart of your business. Understand essential inventory health to make the right decision to scale your business with confidence.

Unleashed is a powerful inventory management platform with advanced features such as costed purchase orders, kitting and multi-warehouse support. Find out more at

Neto integrates with Unleashed for seamless inventory and purchase order management. Neto’s Unleashed integration eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and can even extend the functionality of your Unleashed solution.

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What Data is Integrated?

Unleashed to Neto:

  • Products
  • Bill of Materials (Kitting)
  • Stock on Hand
  • Tax Rates
  • Suppliers
  • Warehouses
  • Customers

Neto to Unleashed:

  • Invoices
  • Returns / Stock Adjustments

Before You Get Started with Unleashed Integration

  1. Check that the warehouses you have setup in Unleashed match the warehouses you have setup in Neto, even if you just have one warehouse. You can edit the warehouse code and warehouse ref of existing warehouses in both systems to match.
  2. To locate and edit warehouse reference codes from the Neto dashboard, navigate to Stock Control > Locations / warehouses.

    To locate and edit warehouse codes in Unleashed, navigate to Settings > System > Warehouses.

  3. Add your Neto RMA reasons to Unleashed. So that returns (RMAs) in Neto can adjust stock in Unleashed (return products to stock), you need to add your Neto RMA reasons to Unleashed.
  4. In Unleashed navigate to Settings > System > Adjustment Reasons and add each RMA reason here.

    You can find a list of your Neto RMA reasons in the Neto dashboard by navigating to
    Setup & Tools > All Settings & Tools > Returns & Disputes > RMA Reasons.

Turning on Your Neto/Unleashed Integration

Step 1 – Get Started

  1. From the Neto dashboard dashboard, navigate to Addons > Find Unleashed then click Install.

  2. Enter a start date for your integration (only invoices and returns after this date will be exported to Unleashed)

  3. Select whether or not you want invoices to be individually exported to Unleashed or if you would prefer for these to be exported in batches.

  4. Export invoices to this customer only (Select customer username if batching is on).

  5. Select Export invoices when Dispatched or Approved.

  6. Select the relevant workflow.

  7. Click Continue.

Step 2 – Connect to App

  1. Enter your Unleashed API Credentials. You can obtain this in Unleashed by going to Integration > Unleashed API Access or use Get My API Credentials link to be redirected to this page automatically.

  2. In Neto, add the API Credentials and click Continue.

Step 3 – Configure Integration

  1. Define the accounts and tax codes that are used by default for exports to Unleashed.

  2. Click Continue.

Step 4 – Activate Integration

  1. Unleashed integration data sync is now in progress.

  2. Click Save

  3. Then go to Unleashed > Setup & Tools and Click on the Name or ID of the new integration to complete the configuration.

  4. In Neto, map warehouse(s) downloaded from Unleashed under warehouse mapping as shown below.

  5. Click Save.


Now that you have turned on your Unleashed integration, the system will automatically start to export and import data between the two systems based on the settings you have defined.

Integration Tasks

An integration task is an import or export process that pushes data to or pulls data from Unleashed.

To see a full list of tasks that run between the systems in Neto, navigate to Unleashed > Tasks.

The tasks required for your integration will automatically run on the schedule set. You can edit a tasks schedule by drilling into it. We do not recommend editing the default schedules that have been setup for you.

Manually Initiating Integration Tasks

You can manually run an integration task at any time by selecting the task from the list of active tasks and clicking the with selected > run selected task button. This will run the chosen task within a minute.

Integration Logs

Every single invoice and adjustment that is pushed to Unleashed from Neto is logged in the integration export log. This log provides in depth reporting into the success or failure of each transaction as well as an overview of what has not yet been exported. From this log you can also re-export any transaction at the click of a button.

Product Field Mapping

The below product fields are imported to Neto from Unleashed. You can configure on a per field basis whether or not Unleashed is the master (source for updates). This is done under the advanced config section of the Unleashed integration setup (to gain access to the advanced configuration, please contact our integration’s support).

Neto Field Name Unleashed Field Name
SKU ProductCode
Name ProductDescription
Default Purchase Price DefaultPurchasePrice
Store Price (default price) DefaultSellPrice
Price A to J SellPriceTier1 to SellPriceTier10
UPC/EAN Barcode
Internal Notes Notes
Length (Shipping) Depth
Width (Shipping) Width
Height (Shipping) Height
Weight (Shipping) Weight
Reorder Qty ReOrderPoint
Restock Qty MinStockAlertLevel
Pick Zone BinLocation
If SKU has kit components IsAssembledProduct
If SKU is a component of a kit IsComponent
Primary Supplier Supplier
Product Group Group
Unit of Measure Unit of Measure

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.10